Tuesday, May 1, 2012

an hour @ derrick n team

i'm blogging via my mobile while getting my hair being radiated under these red lights, like a suntan for the hair kot.. well, the last time u had a haircut when i was seven months pregnant and aivey is now been seven months already. the last time i had a hair treatment was like never, so, as the baby has started to getting all bubbly and mummy has started losing her hair everywhere, a hair treatment under this infrared light is all i need. gosh, i could hardly manage to find any time for myself lately. i either busy with aivey or the boys (that includes their daddy as well), or ironing tonnes and tonnes of laundry, or trying some simple homemade food, or working like mad from 8 to 6.. and rush for aidan during lunch. i could hardly say an occassional hi to the girls and i do miss my girlfriends company. i do, really do. that brief five minutes quick chat was insufficient at all. i want to know how is everybody doing... and as much as i want to find time during work, i was rushing here and there with work.believe it or not, am trying my very best to run five packages simultaneously while most people can afford around three at once. i told myself that it is my responsibilities as i took up that new smso roles, but i knew that it is more than being responsible.. it's just being ambitious! kids.. well, i can't lie.. not having them around at this moment is really a relief! they've been around waayy too often that sometimes i just want to run away and break free. aivey is too clingy. a glimpse of me will trigger her to cry requesting me to pick her up. a note of my voice will set her alarm to call out for mama. what makes it worst, she didn't do that to aboh.. adoi.. she's way too spoilt by me! aidan aimar.. well, we heard it all 'boys will always be boys'.. they fight, they stink, they crash and burn, they scream, they yell, they cry, they jump, they run.. they do all stuff that make mama shouts 'boys, stop it!'.. gosh, i must thank the weekend helper that come and visit once a week to settle the house cleaning. of course they are paid helper. my hubby?.. i wont lie. his 'nocturnal' life is somehow impacting me. when he was beyond his control and only able to sleep when the sun started to rise and in return did not manage to send aimar off, i was furious. i wonder what he did at nighttime. he was alwats there at home, but he just couldn't sleep. there was one time i was hoping for him to pick up aidan when he answered my call 'abang terlena sekejap'.. adoiyai.. he's a good man - my hubby.. when some of my friend struggling to keep thier marriage alive, i must thank God for him. but, fighting over the same issues over and over and over again, sometimes can just kill you. nagging about expecting him to have a good sleep so that he can just 'live' like a 'normal' person.. well, bang, any sane human pun ada limitnye. so, if you may now, i stop feeling stressed with this pandora chain ;).. i knew, in times, i will still have another arguments with you.. for now, we'll just rest.. ok, my hair is done;).

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