Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the over-ambitious mama

i need to find time to post a blog.. despite of so many things on my plate, i need to trash out some..

it's school holidays and when the break is over, aidan will be in afternoon session... yeah... extra hour sleep for mama.

the exam - despites of being blessed with smart intelligent brilliant kids, alhamdullilah, i must take some credit on their overall achievements for the mid-term. as aboh was unfortunately not around, mama had to juggle between works try to fit in whenever i can to ensure i was home as early as possible to revise with the boys and follow ups with them when i was at work.

aimar exam result was something i can be proud of. he got 2nd out of 12 students in his class with 100% marks for BM, 98% for english, 96% for science and 89% for maths... i know its still early, but i'm reserving him for being my lawyer son when he grows up. there was one incident where i got a text messages from his principal telling me how 'frank' aimar was during his science paper " teacher, i've seen all these trees, but this one (supposedly an eggplant) i've never seen. what is the answer?".. cool huh.. not that he was asking how to do the test, but he asked for the answer directly! how convinient! anyway, he managed to get all right for that particular questions.

as for aidan - i guess he was all stressed up because he has a mother like me. i know, i know, i know.. good friends been telling me i shouldn't be so stressed up that aidan is only seven and he's a smart boy. but i can't help myself from worrying and i always think all a mother can do is to gear up her child with all possibilities, just in case. so, for a standard one, he was introduced with mind-mapping on nouns, pronouns, kata ganti nama diri pertama, kedua, ketiga, the arabic words of qalqolah etc... to the extend, during one of the revision session and i let him take his break for 15 mins and he came up to me with his one piece of mind-mapping about himself.. i pitied him... and deep inside, i do feel guilty! anyway, his result is still a mystery to us. but, his teacher did text me a day before the school holidays telling me that he got 100% for English paper.. and i was teary reading the message coz i know how stressful he was for having a mama like me :(

so, school holidays?... we plan to leave for our ad-hoc cuti2 this weekend.. so, i shall update with the news, hopefully.

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