Tuesday, July 31, 2012


when i'm pissed, i eat, i yell, i bitch..  i can't do any of that now that i'm fasting, so, i write. but i still can't help myself from being mean bitch.and i don't give a damn. and i speak bad english!darn....

these people are too much. i've been working zealously from 8 to 5. i didn't take my break, but of course, i still go back on time. i reserved my rights to go back on time as i doubt work will ever finish! but these people i work with are beyond stupid. it's an insult to intelligence, and i'm mad that these highly paid people just don't deserve what they earned!

it took 20 fucking days for them to respond on my queries, and after 6 hours, they have the gut to ask if i've completed my paperworks!
it took them a line of saying "ok, proceed to purchase" and when i asked how will you proceed with the payment, they can simply said "we don't think of it".
it took them a nice formal email cc to all their boss stating the plan, and when it comes to executing the plan, they can just answer me "i just finish the meeting and do not have time to go through your email"

so, tell me why i shouldn't be pissed?

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