Monday, July 2, 2012


all too often we are overwhelmed by so many activities that we forget about things that happen. life is filled with a mix of different moments. and if i were to list down three key events that have been impactful and have added colours to my life, that would be
- the day my emotionless-dad hugged and kissed me right in the middle of the school when we were getting my SRP result
- the day that i broke the news to my then-boyfriend-now-hubby that i was officially single and smiling all by myself on the bus to picaddaly street
- the day i was officially a mum

i vividly remember my ear-to-ear smile and the settings of when these events happened, and still smiling now. of course, there's more great things that had happened and more to come. for now, i'll cherished what has it becomes ;)

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