Monday, August 6, 2012

ramadhan 2012

it's the 17th day of ramadhan.. alhamdullillah. of 17, aidan skived three days and aimar has fast for 5 days. the first day these boys succeeded, mama was the happiest person counting down the hours for them. of course, after 17th day of ritual, answering "how much longer" every two minutes is no more fun.

the first day, when aidan gave up at 5pm, i was 'panicked'. he cried, out loud, and being not him! he yelled and screamed. 'aidan takmo puasa sampai bila2..forever'.. and at that instance, i took the blame on me. i should have trained him when he was as young as 5 years old, but i didn't. and now that he's 7 and decided not to fast, ever, again, forever.. i should take the blame. but then again, i am thankful. the drama lasted just on the first day..and he surprised me with his energy. sahur was not an easy task, but, i made sure the boys are up to it. i don't think it's fair if we, parents, insisted on our children to fast during the day, but did not wake the kids, or prepared anything fulfilling during sahur. a lady i knew just gave her daughter food before the night-sleep, and thinking her daughter was fine with it. of course, the daughter 'survived' the whole day for the past 17 days, without telling her momma that there were times she drank water from the bathroom, and there were times she ate the biscuits that was in the room.. gosh! do you really have to blame that 6 yo girl for lying when all she did was to have a very irresponsible parents?

ok, dah termengata la pulak bulan2 puasa ni.. oppss.. later, i just remembered i'm allowed not to fast today.

itu lagi satu citer.. aidan saw me eating and i have to explain to him why i didn't fast. it was tough.. explaining details to a 7 yo boy about menses! gosh.. i told him briefly.. and after asking few questions and not getting any good answer, he just shut himself off..

hmm.. ok, off to home.