Saturday, November 17, 2012

the twelfth month

it's nearing the end of 2012.. in a blink of eyes! not much postings were completed this year.. it's either i was sooo free on my previous years, or i became less interesting that i decded to write less posts this year, or i just became the where i was before this blog exists!
not, never i have became less interesting.. but this is life. to declare that i was super duper busy throughout the year was understatement. i always believe that 24 hours a day should always be sufficient to any human kind.. it's just how we manage it. everyday, we were deposited 24hrs x 60mins x 60secs.. not a penny more not a quarter less! if we made it to waste, it's our lost, none others!
as time passes by, friends we met, friends we lost. i cherished friends i have.. all good people.. everybody whom i enjoyed their company and enjoyed my company. i wish i have that extra time for a quick gossips chats. i really wish i do.
as time passes by, i still think i need to spend more time with my growing kids. aidan lost two of his teeth, aimar's having one shoe size bigger than abang, aivey can blink her eyes when asked and she was so adorable. and yet, i still miss them half day i left them for work...
as time passes by, i keep wondering how long could i stand being one-month rota together and apart with my dear abang. i'll miss him terribly when he gone the first week, next i was soaked into my work and kids, the fourth week i started to miss him miserably.. and on and on.. i miss him the most at night.. and when he didn't call, i pray for everthing is fine back then.

Monday, November 12, 2012

ooo.. how much i miss thee.. thiiisss much

am trying hard and hard enuff to post something in this blog. oo, how much i miss thee!

it's not an easy task! juggling work life balance! n sad but true fact, posting blog is neither work nor life. but i guess, once a while, i still need to keep this updated.

there's so many things in my mind! kids top the list. aidan completed his standard 1. i must admit his year end conclussion was not as what i've expected. he din make it to the top 10, which made confuse. he was top the class in half year and he was not the top at the end of the year.. it was sooo confusing with this band grading and no exam principal. students were evaluated on overall performance though when i look through his working file, he scored perfect marks for maths and still secured average band 3 of 6! i threw the questions and all his teacher can tell me 'it's subjective evaluation measuring all rounded aspect'.. c'mon! i'm not being a sourgrape, but with the given answer, i'm not sure if i can trust if kssr will work. am sure they will revert to kbsr in next 5 yrs! aidan, my boy, is a smart boy. at the age of 5, he knew that penguin is from a bird family but can't fly. at the age of 6, he can names all the car model of audi family which i still have problem differentiating a saga and aeroback! at the age of 7, he drew a proposal with options on how can his father install a gate efficiently. and he was rated band 3 for science? hmmm, i'm not being defensive, but all i can tell him, screwed the teachers.. so, mama was not an active pta members, and u was penalized for that?

aimar, is preparing for his final. he'll do fine, insyaallah.

aivey, gosh.. am enjoying having a baby girl of my own! she is spoilt to death, but i guess i could give leeways to her for the next 12 mth ;)

my dear hubby, the last time i checked, he was still in love with me. and i love to be in love and be loved with my one and only dear abang..

workwise, despite of the undescribable and undefinable boss i have, karma is coming to me from no work to soooo many works on my table. lemme post that on separate post, if i could find the time..

and now, it's time for adam hawa.. another angau story and aaron aziz is soooo adam mukhriz!!