Thursday, December 27, 2012

he's the first

FPSO Kikeh is located 120Km offshore, North West of East Malaysia and the island of Borneo . FPSO Kikeh is a Malaysia's and Asia's first Deepwater FPSO in 1,320 meters of water. The unit is turret moored and is capable of producing 120,000bpd of oil via a Tension Leg Truss Spar and sub sea production wells. Water injection, up to 260,000bpd, is also via the truss spar and 12 subsea wells. Addition flexible risers and sub sea wells are provided for gas injection.
The storage capacity of the FPSO is 2,000,000 bbls of crude oil, offloading of the produced and stored crude oil is via a floating hose to a shuttle tanker.
The FPSO and Truss Spar were the biggest ever to be built in Malaysia ; the FPSO Kikeh also has the largest external turret ever built at the time. Accommodation is provided onboard for over 100 personnel.
The FPSO was located in the field on 14th April 2007 and successfully achieved first Oil on 17 th Aug 2007

i'm not sure about the details, but what i know for a fact, since its first oil, the OIM and its superintendents are all mat salleh. being the first, deepwater, FPSO... we malaysian are suck in recognizing our own people.. kononnye orang kita takde experience...

and worry no more!

after five years, we gonna have the first malaysian onboard as one of the product superintendent. the only malaysian for now. and what made me 'prouder' is he's a malay malaysian.. okay la, his mum is chinese-adopted-by-malay-families, his dad is malay, he married to a beautiful hot malay girl, and blessed with three smart brilliant children..

never have i been more proud that i could be!

ok, he'll be in for a 3 month probation, he'll do fine. just can't wait for him to come back for a good long congratulation hug!



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