Friday, December 14, 2012

yadi yada yada

this classy cheeky chic has been so silence because of the standard reasons:
she was busy busy busy
she couldn't have good access of blogger from the office
she was bogged down with things things things
but of course she miss posting things about nothing.. just as much as she misses all her good girlfriends.. just as much she misses her 'life' when she felt so guilty being paid for not doing anything..

kids were behaving good. at times writing this, aivey is in deep sleep despite her chicken pox.. pity this sweet girl of mine. she only 15 months, and suffering from chicken pox. sometimes, i must agree how ironic life could be. aivey chose to be attacked by these monstrous pain just right after aboh was scheduled to be offshore the day before. aidan and aimar were doing fine as being boys. they fight fight fight, and once a while they laughed at their own joke realizing how they managed to ally and get away with things!

my dear red scoot had a shoutout in her fb, when was the last first thing you did?.. i went to watch the live football, two games in a row with my dear hubby and two boys! my hubby specifically told me "i'm glad that you had your first time with me".. and its good to know we still have our firsts of many:) harimau malaya was a spirit. the game of the semi final second leg in bangkok suck big time. ok, the midfielders were not doing as much work as they do, but thailand were playing with 12 people inclusive the referee. so, as much as the team lose to 2-0, they lose with pride and i'm happy to know i stick by my team, the proud harimau malaya.

work is unbearable.. too many things on my plates.. and i just think i need to chill... emancipating june 2013, huh? much i miss blabbering :)

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