Tuesday, October 22, 2013


same old "it's been a while.."phrase would always be the start of any posting after this.. and before this..and before before this...
we malays or maybe malaysian always a drama in speech, kan..
before before
simply simply
many many
we love repeating the same word twice, or even more, just to make sure the message that we meant get across!

anyway.. am not going to start talking about those habit that have been embedded in our society since forever.
it was my 36th birthday last friday.
despite of my throbbing headache and gave me the excuse to got off from work with the sick leave, i was flattered to be reading my hubby's shoutout in the FB wall, right at 12 a.m. well, my hubby is not a kind of guy who leaves love messages in social networks... even he wanted to be extra romantic, he would PM me instead. being said that, the shoutout from him really do mean to me.. muchas gracias.
of course i must thanks those mates, be it close friends or not, who left the shoutouts on my FB wall and WA. I realized that, the older you get, these messages really mean something.. the expectation of getting a gift on your birthday not much of an expectation that you would highly hope on. the greetings were sufficient to brighten your days. not that to show how popular or un-popular you were. but, personally, getting these messages really meant you still have your buddies who remember you in your special days, though you might have not been speaking to her for ages.. on that special day, an abbreviate 'hb' really meant something... and when i replied 'tq' or even like-ing the comment, really meant i'm thankful for the thoughts. it really counts.

ok, of course it will be different for my hubby. in october, his cash will always need to be extra-spent on me. my car roadtax and insurance will always expire on the 23rd of the month, and i will definitely resort for him to pay up. and this year, i even PM him this nice mustard coach bag that i wanted to buy online under his account. and last week, i spend a dash of cash for another pair of bag, 'few' clothings and households just because it's my birthday month.. don't i love my hubby?:)
well, the morning of my birthday, as i was struggling with my headache, i heard a heartbreaking news. my colleague, a guy of 33yo, a biker himself, passed away due to road incidence. he was on his high range bike, to the office. a passer-by found his body lying by the roadside and his phone was crashed and no way to contact his immediate at that point of time. they saw his ID, and posted on FB if anyone knew the family. his photo was everywhere..and as i'm writing this, a flash of memory vividly emblazened in my mind. sedih! he was a dear friend. easy-going. and he just received a new baby ten days ago. i remembered the elevator jokes i made on him, on how thankful he should be as her kids took up her pretty wife face instead of him.. it seems like yesterday, and it feels weird passing by his workstation knowing he was no longer here, in this world..

on my birthday, it made me realized how lucky bitch i was to be alive, to be blessed by Allah with all the luxuries of wealth, health, beautiful smart children, loving hubby, supportive family and friends.. and still breathing.

on my birthday, and as the days go on, i know i haven't been thanking Allah enough, and that is what i should be doing right away.