Thursday, February 20, 2014

the side effects

ada 2mins before my 11th session of radiotheraphy..
felt like posting things
i was told the side effects will only come on week three or four after rt. mine came earlier.. the 2nd week, the hair was falling everywhere.. nope, am not balding, but the hair is thinning. one of the radiotherapist thought i had a short haircut, but i didn't.

my tastebuds has gone completely. i remembered being sick or pregnant and refused to eat because i couldn't taste the food. this is totally different. when i said i didn't taste anything, i literally means it!! all food taste like paper.... i'm chewing things in my mouth, but i could hardly tell if its good or not, sweet sour or bitter.. nada!! its tasteless, for real. but am forcing myself to eat. i just have to. i can't afford to lose any weight. i need the energy for the next 22 treatments!! i took ensure milk as supplement.. but i still has to eat!!

i lost 1kg in 2 wks. it's still ok. the mask i wore for the rt has loosen up.. more reason to eat!

both my hands and feets were significantly darkened. the skin started peeling and it hurts. i trued applying the cream.. dont help much tho.

been gargling soda bicarbonat n salt water. it helps. my saliva has thickened. my throat in pain.
am not complaining yet. been praying hard these will get over one day, sooner;(
the side effects were no fun
but at least, i knew the treatment works as it should
the lumps are getting smaller
hoping the cancer cells are gone by the 33rd rt.
the chemo are lesser pain though am doing it weekly.
its either am getting used to it or the smaller dosage really helps.
i want to heal. hanya Allah maha kuasa penentu segala

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