Wednesday, March 11, 2015

geng ngaji

i was thinking of just an FB shoutout..but there were so many things in my mindbox that i wanted to talk about the picture..a shoutout won't suffice.

the ladies in the picture were strangers who used to get acquainted because they went to the same boarding school twenty(-one) years back.

nope, they were not as close.
they were not groupies.
and back at school, they had their own groups and circles of friends.

(ok,now that everybody is wearing orange, i find it difficult to point out one-by-one to describe..hmm)
yon, the most left cheery girl (we all were) was staying across my room in the hostel block. she was not my classmate's 'cubemate' (or maybe the neighbour of my classmate's cube), but we were not that close. i would dropped by her place to visit my classmate. still vividly displayed in my memory box of her image and her books at her desk by the window. she would still laughed and screamed and pulled stunts, but she just couldn't be apart from her books.
yatt, the girl in black tudung, brought with her the orientation-T that was still loons like she just bought it yesterday though that was yesteryears. she's very reserved and didn't talk much. a chatty person like me would never be in a same ship with an introvert like her. but, no doubt, her smiles back then and now remains.
jas, the one holding the T-shirt, was never in my league and neither did i in her league. our class was just next to each other, but we were not close. she was ok. but when she got her groupies gathered, they could be quite loud.
am not saying i was good. i was horrible too. i'm sure if asked, they might have few things about me that i would make me say, 'really, you think of me in such ways?'

fact was, back then, we were not a clan.
but here we are, twenty years after, meeting up each others' just because.

they are good people, great buddies and how thankful i am as we've crossed each others' paths.
thirty weeks ago, i posted a shout-out on my FB. i wasn't looking for anybody, but i just wanted to tell my friends we can virtually be a group and try completing our quran recitation within thirty weeks. yatt texted me, nervously asking 'how will that be possible?' she trusted me, though that would be my first try too,  and joined me for the one juzu' one week challange. then, yatt was asking me to add on jas and yon in our mengaji group. yatt valued friendship highly. i was touched when i knew, these girls stick by me so that i could khatam my quran recitation.

we picked things up quite at first. then, as we've got the momentum, we were beyond control. instead of delaying the readings should we havd things to do and place to go and work to complete, we sped up. jas was soo panicked that she would be on maternity and so she sped up her readings so thag she won't be left alone. yon was soo competitive that she sped up whenever she knew her menses was due and even when she's off to vietnam and bali. me, i was ok until yon told me she completed her readings. i knew it was only me and yatt and i love to 'provoke' yatt in my own way. we all did. abd yatt was sooo sweet and cool. she's the strong one, if i must say.

despites of jas's hectic schedule with her consulting works...
despites of yon's thesis readings, lecturings, cookings, gardenings, exercisings and her charity worjs..
despites of yatt's madness with her kaizen career and cyclings...
they supported me. they were there. updating in the wassap group should they've completed reading for the day or week. they did it. we did it. alhamdullillah.

set aside the bickering parts, sharing stories, provoking each others, we did it.

these beautiful ladies are speacial.

thank you geng ngaji.. sayang korang sangat2..

round 2.... kite jumpe 30 minggu lagi (or less)...

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