Tuesday, April 21, 2015

book review: catatan mat luthfi

the conflict when i started picking up my long-lost favourite past time i.e. reading is that i couldn't pick what to read first, which to start from and how to end it.. truth said, to the extend i would stop going to the bookshop and stop buying books, just because i've run out of shelves and there were so many outstanding books yet to be read. 

from parenting, to soul searching to health care to learning english; there were piles of books in my collection awaiting to be explore. 

anyway, i did bought this book titled 'catatan mat luthfi'.
i did not religiously followed this famous young chap though he was so famous and actively involved in his youtube channel. but, i always think it's a kind of returning back to the society in helping these young entrepreneurs. afterall the book is not that expensive and the cover is quite interesting (yup, i do judge a book by its cover, and bear in my mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

actually, the idea is to 'lure' the boys to read books. they were so into youtubes and so forth, perhaps, getting them a book from one of the famous youtuber would entice them to read.

i was locked with the book when i decided to read it first before i'd handed it to the boys. and i guess, it's quite 'high-end' for primary boys, but, parents with teenagers might want to try to buy a copy. it's easy & light reading. it's not a story book with a plot and storyline. it's just ramblings. most of the materials are funny. i laughed to most of the jokes and just couldn't stop turning the pages. it may be here and there, unstructured, the language is nowhere anywhere, but there are some points that he should get credits for. the author successfully sarcastically includes some values such as family values, religion's practices, inter-races unity, world peace in his jokes. some are deep thoughts and some are straightforward. to me, personally, brought back the memories of being a student far far away from home, in a different place, different country, different cultural and still learned the survival tricks just to live the days. it was good memories that comes with great experiences.

one of his many jokes, if i may quote:

Yesterday I made a promise to myself I'm going to get this model done, but it's still ongoing.
Ladies, don't trust guys. I'm a guy and I don't trust myself.
Well guys, don't trust ladies either. Dulu mak aku mintak toling belikan bawang sahaja dan bila aku sampai kedai dia text lagi 10 barang.....


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