Monday, April 13, 2015

book review: rumah kecil di jabal uhud

i've picked up readings quite a lot lately.
i've always believe it's a good habit that i want to encourage my children to be doing it. and i know, it should start from me.

one of the book that i couldn't stop reading is Rumah Kecil di Jabal Uhud, nicely written by Pn Roza Roslan and published by Galeri Ilmu Sdn Bhd.
the book is inspirational.
i couldn't stop reading turning the page after one another.
i have never been a 'good' muslim. trust me, i'm still not. but, one thing that i believe so strongly lately is to keep on trying to be the best.

i knew that one day my hubby and i will surely go to mekah and madinah to fulfill our obligations performing haj and umrah.
i knew that i wanted to perform my haj when i'm all 'prepared' and 'ready' and will ensure i'd be a 'strict' muslim once i'm a hajjah.

how wrong have i been. and i believe many others, too.
we could actually afford to go and visit the birthplace of Rasullullah SAW, the place where Islam begins and its all-abouts, but i keep putting it on hold as i would prefer to spend the money and time in a 'better' 'interesting' place like the Europe.
how wrong have i been.

wants and perceptions change. this is no longer a want or an affordable luxury, it has turnef into need.
i'm putting on hold of any oversea's family holidays, until we could confirm on our trip to mekah & madinah.
i'm very much wanting, in fact, i'm dying to  go there.. with my husband, with my boys (putting aivey on-hold due to her age).
and reading this book made missed a place i've never been so badly.

the book is written in a beautiful malay language, and best to be described in malay itself. 

buku ini satu harapan. harapan yang pintu taubat tak pernah jauh jika kita cari dan mencari tanpa lelah. harapan yang kita tidak sendirian dan tidak pernah lewat untuk berubah mengejar kebaikan. harapan yang semua insan ada kelemahan dan semua dugaan memang tersurat mengikut kemampuan, selagi kita percaya. 

buku in satu lukisan. setiap bait bagai meletakkan si pembaca berada di tengah kota berkembangnya islam. setiap perkataan membuatkan hati semakin rindu untuk terjah menziarahi kota kemegahan islam. setiap perenggan memberontak memujuk hati untuk terus berdoa agar bisa mengutip langkah yang pernah rasullullah saw susuri.  cantik sungguh lukisan itu, hingga menitis airmata kerisauan selagi tidak kesampaian hajat itu. 

buku in satu kenyataan. kenyataan hakiki yang manusia ada pelbagai rupa pelbagai cerita.. yang baik kita ikuti, yang salah kita teladani. 

sungguh, buku ini istimewa. 
for those who would want an 'easy' reading non-fiction book, with simple and sweet messages, get a copy of this book. 

trust me, it's fulfilling. 

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