Tuesday, May 12, 2015

book review: growing up social & parenting gen y & z

it's our generation (the parents) war against the gadgets, social medias and the whole idea of connecting online and no more paperbacks. not like we used to be.

we tried everything. disciplining, time off, hiding the gadgets and the charger cables, passwords and everything. it's addictive. and every addictions need helps! my hubby and I went to seminar just to understand and find ways to reduce (or eliminates, hopefully) our children time on the gadgets. I read the online articles, and these two books and I've concluded one thing "if you can't beat them, join them"

truth is, we just have not much option, nowadays. take it or leave it. 

growing up social by gary chapman and arlene pellicane highlighted the importance of instilling the 5As i.e. affection, appreciation, anger management, apology and attention than can be inspire from the technologies. in the books, the authors proposed few solutions, stated some facts and narrated real life stories from their own experience sharing. it's a nice opinions on parenting and did highlights the pros and cons of the gadgets. it made us think to find more understanding on the addiction of the children, and to 'try' to make it to good use. 

on the other hand, the parenting gen y and z by jamilah damian and ahmad fakhri hamzah highlighted the grooming our children with values and subtling with our kids and the gadgets issue. it has the cultural & social awareness and list out ideas proposing to the readers on how we can 'help' our children in educating the future generation. 

both books are 'okay'. an additional knowledge in nowadays reality. 

i still haven't give up buying books whenever just to let my children read thru. it's always a good feeling seeing them holding the paperbacks instead of that piece of square metal. 

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