Friday, May 29, 2015

Book review: Perang Salib Pertama

I have lots of book to read, but somehow, I've picked this book for the past weeks to be read.

Tajuk: Perang Salin Pertama, Jatuhnya Baitulmuqaddis
Author: Abdul Latip Talib
Publisher: PTS Sdn Bhd

I'm no geek of history, especially world history. But now that I have growing children of my own, I realized how important history is to us and especially when you intend to tell 'stories' to your children, you wanted to get the facts right as that might be the first resource they had and would remember for the rest of their lives.  

Well, the book was ok. The title may seems a 'heavyload' subject matters, but the author put it in a fiction way of storytelling and that helps a lot for a person like me. It tooks me quite a while to complete the whole book, and I managed to finish reading it, finally. 

For a person who will never understand why people go to war, this book manages to convince me nothing has come to good with war, right from the beginning of the war till the end; no matter if you win or lose. It tells how people would do everything for their own's benefit, though they do announce it out loud it's for the good cause. It tells about deception that fails the smart strategies. It identifies how important you need in terms of preparing, planning and executing things. It recognizes good leadership. It proves that 'bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh'. It asks us to appreciate the lesson learned. 

Well, I'll read the 2nd crusaders..but maybe not in a near time. 

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