Friday, May 15, 2015

Hot seat no 56!!!

I'm going to write something frustrating (again) to my dismay. I have so much to say, and I must vent it out.

It's the Organization for Economic, Co-operation & Development (OECD) report that was released early this week. A report stating that out of 76 countries, globally, 5 top countries that has stellar performance in education (based on the PISA science and mathematics test result) are Asian countries. These are Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. These are our neighboring countries and where do we belong in the report??? Number fifty sixth!! 56!!!! near yet so far!!!

When the Minister of Ministry of Education (MOE) is asking what is happening? (Almost) Everyone could figure out why it happened!!!!!!!!!

My husband, my siblings, my cousins, my in-laws and lots of successful people I knew came from public school background. These was not far long ago! And here we are, savings money for our children private's education. Not that we didn't try public school, we did. As much as I want my elder son to be enrolled to private school since day one of his primary, my husband insisted on public school. He believed in the system. He adhered to education is all-rounded, it's not the school, it's us the parents. 

But two years of public school school, I saw too much negativity rather than the pros. The outcome is frustrating and my hubby agreed to the idea of private paid school.

Our education system is flanking, dashed down the drain. When I read the 2012 - 2025 (the MOE really thinks it will work that longs and just implemented without any short term tryouts???), I wasn't convinced. 

Why we are so lacking?

Here's my two cents:

1. The syllabus: I'm no expert in education, but I guess, looking at the syllabus, I knew it needs big revamp. I'm just limiting the comments on science and maths subject (don't let me started with the languages diftong, digraf etc).... the MOE did have the idea on what to introduce at what year. However, just turn the textbook..It's frustrating!

a) Math - MOE believe introducing 'sampua' is a good idea for children. Why???? The best they can do is draw the 'sampua' and asked the kids to tell the numbers? If they intend to do that, can't there be more practical and have a chapter by itself to master it????

b) Science - My 8 year old son is learning about animal, but, I was so surprised when I asked what do we call the animal that eat meats (expecting him to answer carnivore) and he said 'cikgu cakap jenis makanan haiwan tapi cikgu tak bagi tau nama!' WTH?????? I should never blame the teacher because when I checked on the MOE syllabus, it is not the idea to introduce those scientific jargon yet!!! It's basic and it's not in the syllabus????

c) So,these banding systems, KBAT/HOTS whatever, PT3. How does that being measured?? Nope, spare the details. But we knew these are nonsensical. Perhaps the idea is to produce thinker and not spoon-fed exam-based generation. Trust me, we need exams. Not to rank or anything, but to benchmark each and every student capability, to focus on individual lackings and to assist them to improve. With these 'thinking' ideas and abolishing exams, do the MOE realized they are being ridiculous??? The expectation is to give the best answer that shows high order thinking skill (HOTS), however, they still have a 'scheme' answer to every questions which should the students give a different answer but acceptable still don't let them entitled to achieve that HOTS. Isn't it defeat the purpose? People think differently, hence you can't expect an answer to be the only HOTS answer!!!

d) Freedom of selection. So the MOE has it all planned. They introduced lots of subject. But isn't it sad when student are 'force' to take up certain subjects not to their choice just because there's no teaching capabilities around. Why do they introduced such things at the first place? My cousin has no choice but to take up additional maths although she picked up art stream because the school couldn't cater for any option. An art stream brainer always clash with a science stream brainer. And they expect her to mix? And you expect excellent result in the PISA test? On a side note, what's wrong with us? Is are stream always a loser and science stream always the best?Grow up!

Gosh, I just finish point 1 and I have 3 more to go.. this will be longer than I've expected. 

2. The facilities: Why us the MOE categorizing some schools being a SMART schools and some are not? why can't they work to thrive all school being a SMART school?????? I don't understand. Stick to previous structure, can you? Those are blessed with brain power will apply for boarding and if they really entitled to they could go in (and not via who knew who). Those who are not yet smart enough could just to normal daily school that should be a SMART school for every school. Not by selectivly hand-picked by the MOE. And, please please please... when Aidan was in private school, his science teacher skipped a lot of simple science experiments because there's no facility. Come on, MOE. You wanted to have a thinking practical generation and you decided they could achieve that just by reading through the book on the methods and conclusion expected????? Adoooiiiii!!!!!!

3.The teacher: I'm not going for personal attacks. I'm human and so do teachers. In fact, I highly regards the teachers who is doing everything to nurture our children, which was supposed to be our duties as parents. But, some may agree with me if I'd say there are some group of teachers that pick the career not whole-heartedly. The government has a lot of vacancy and that seems viable to them and they just 'work'. They are not motivated. Do we really want this group of people to be in the education system?  O, how i miss my principal Mr Lily Davidson. I remembered going to my son PTA's meeting the first time and his principal told the parents 'saya ni dah nak bersara dah. kalau ada parents yang nak komplen ke report ke, pergi la. saya ramai gak kenal orang dalam'..adoi! the first experience.. hmm.. trust me, I am so happy where my son is now! Not because of the paid school, but I knew the vision of the educators there were just alike. To educate. 
On the other hand, most teachers are highly motivated and trying their very best to come up with the best session in class by having activities, visual-assist learning aid and many more. Too bad, when the motivation is high, they are bogged down with administrative works such as attended the tatanegara trainings and many more. hmmm.. can't the MOW have any sense?
Qualify - this is individual. I can't comment much. But, I was surprised when my cousin who were studying in UiTM told me that her lecturer couldn't hear what was the student was saying and she said "come again"! And this is English lecturer!!! Come again???? English lecturer??? Hoi, come again it's not proper English. It's Manglish..just like 'car coming' instead of 'look up'!It's a shame that even up to the university level, we have one or two educators that still need educating and didn't realized it. 

4. Parent: It's not helping much. There's the kiasu type and there's the I-don't-care-as-long-as-I have-place-for-my-kids-while-I-work. The kiasu type will be major disaster and harrassers to the teachers and trust me, it's annoying. The don't bother type will be a pain when 'my dad forgot to bought that book', 'my mom has no time to buy the stuff for the experiment'. Come on, parents. Educating is our responsibility. Work with the school, the teachers. Help your children. Do something, moderately. 

haven't I said enough?

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