Thursday, June 11, 2015

Occupation: Na-Da

O my o my.....
I was supposed to write down just a FB status..but as I started typing it out,  I just have too many to write and end up with this post.

It is school holidays and I just need to find a place for the kids to vent out. I posted their pictures which I regretted it now after a remark came in 'Tak keje, bolehlah"..

The remarks was casual and came from a person I much respected. I shud just ignore it and not to take it seriously. Somehow I couldn't. Perhaps its the menses,  perhaps its just my imagination. Be it. I just need to post this up.
So, yes, I stay at home. But that is just a phrase the office geek tend to use to differentiate us. Trust me, we,'not working' mothers, don't really stay at home. As a matter of fact, I'm blogging this on a bench in MPH while waiting for the boys to finish their computer class.
Yes,I don't have to wake up early and got stuck in the morning traffic to make sure I reach the office on time. But I do wake up to send them to their school. Yes,  I don't check my email rightaway I reach home, but I choose to switch on my PC to look for any good materials for the kids educational stuff..I even put up a blog about it. Yes,  I don't work on paperworks, but trust me, I take up my writing seriously I do research if need be. Yes, I don't have to read horrible documents about contracts, but I still read and I read more now than I ever be. Yes, I can opt to cook, do laundry and stuff working people think what not working people do. Trust me, I pity my hubby,the only breadwinner and still has to drive us to the restaurant after hard long day at work.
And yes yes yes, when people ask me what my job is, I would tell them 'Tak keje'..but let me tell you the satisfaction of being able to volunteer as one of the committee to work on the teachers day celebration and how proud the boys are when they saw me coming and participate in their schools activities which I didn't have the chance do it when I was working. Allow me to share how happy I made my hubby felt when he knew I'll be home when he's home. Its true indeed, I don't have an offer letter and term contract with my current job,but if there's any,how much will anyone willing to pay?  What leave entitlement I'll be eligible too? How long will my working hours be?

I put much respect to all working women,but do not undermine the power of an occupation being a wife and a mother.

We choose to be what we are. Don't be so narrow minded and think you have more brain because you are working. Nope,that is sooooo wrong! This not working lady earned an egineering degree, been to Iraq for work while Saddam was still alive  and speaks her mind out.