Saturday, September 12, 2015

Book Review: The Great Wife Aisyah r.a

it's a nice, simple, factual and easy to understand kind of book.

i remember when i wanted to buy this book were for two reasons:
1. it's cheap
2. it's thin

but once i finished reading the book, i was inspired. 
i am a 'realistic' person. i am ambitious, but not a dreamer. and i am learning. i always wanted to improve from
one state to the better. and everyone one the be the great person to their significant ones. but, putting the 'real' me in the prophets ladies generation is surely makes me feel soooo small. i'm emotional, loud, 'psychotic', strong-headed and so many un'kind' negative attitude of a lady in me. but then again, reading the book change my idea of a great wife.

aisyah r.a is just a person, a girl and a wife. she is no different. she was tested and she was the test. she got jealous and she was the person everybody got jealous about. she was the talked and she talked as well. she's the wife of our prophet s.a.w. but she was no different than any wife to any husband.

the book gives the right point that everyone entitled to have feelings, attitudes.. it's all about channelling it the right way, handle it the proper way and believe. 

i would recommend not only any wife who wants to become great read this book.

if you are a girl, unmarried, you'll be inspired to find your man who could guide you.
if you a daughter and a sister, you'll learn how important the support of family in life.
if you are a wife, you'll agree on most of the points highlighted. you may be lackings in lots of things, yet, you can still be great when you want it.
if you are a man and a husband, you'll understand the nature of that lady you are in love with and how to handle that small heart with care.

the book is for everybody.
i would definitely recommend it.

did you knew, even the girl who live in the same roof, share the same bed with rasullullah got jealous, went berserk, being badmouthed and tricked? she's just a girl and most importantly, she's a wife.


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