Monday, April 4, 2016

my dear melayu

i've written a long post, but didn't managed to save it. one of god's sign to don't allow me overdoing it,i guess, venting my anger:(
i was furious when i saw the first clip of men and women, that i can guarantee  they are not mahram. and i realized the clip was shared by the owner of the shop. and next thing this morning, a friend tagged me of a clip whereby the couple (the 'honoured' owner's daughter) was smiling all wide and gleefully, as the wife, at the top of her 'nyaring' voice was showing off the madness while the hubby was next to her, laughing away. 

and then, i saw the picture above. i didn't bother to click on the link as i know it will be more cursing and i couldn't curse as good as some people could. i remember how sweet ustaz ebit liew was whenever he cursed he would curse for the goodness. and i knew if we curse and pray to and for someone, we better make it good as it would go back to us. allahuakbar. 
i have mixed feeling. 

sedih dengan melayu yang sanggup menghina diri sendiri dengan kegilaan ini. 
marah dengan melayu yang nak jatuhkan melayu sendiri, atas dasar 'mulia' nak majukan bangsa melayu.
geram dengan melayu yang 'opportunist' atas kebodohan melayu lain.
pelik dengan melayu yang allah anugerahkan agama islam, akal cerdik, paras rupa cantik, tapi masih lupa adab susila yang tinggi yang dibawa oleh rasul junjungan kita saw. 
malu mengaku darah dalam badan ini darah melayu
hina dengan hilangnya susila, kewarasan akal semata-mata nikmat dunia...


we knew, if you want the world to change for better, the change is best start from you within. and this is not the first time these fareeda viral sales happened and people went berserk. it has been a few times. apparently, the owner was really having fun in watching how insanely crazy our own bangsa could be just for these. my 2-sens, they should know better. they shouldn't be happy for they secured good sales with great margins. they should be ashamed for not using their brain and never learn their lesson. they could've make arrangement to manage the entrance during sale, perhaps by online registration or even made it easy, sale it online for the resellers.. airsia did big sales online and i remembered how some of us didn't sleep for wanted to secure free seats. ashmedly, airasia is not a malay-owner. if it's difficult for them to invest on online sales or registeration, they should hire part times guards, lots of them and make sure the people queues. educate the people rather than make the people act like a bunch of hooligans. what made it worst was these 'reputable' seller has been 'promoting' "sedia untuk mengganas?" tag line before the sales started. they planted it. they wanted havoc. they planned for chaos. they just love encouraging people to go beyond adab dan akhlak. o, disgraceful!

i couldn't blame the hooligans, oopppsss, the people. most of them are resellers from the outskirts. their customers couldn't afford to come all the way to bangi just to buy a piece or two pieces of weird expensive  designs tudung, but deep inside ada terasa nak pakai macam tudung 'orang bandar' pakai (they might want to recheck, most 'orang bandar' just get a rm10 tudung from jalan tar and still look classy). the resellers see opportunities, tudung on sale, big margin. that's it. 

orang semua susah
kenapa nak kena susahkan lagi orang?
kalau tak susah, kenapa nak 'gelakkan' orang yang susah.

p/s: astaghfirullah... i remembered how my husband and i was struggling to kiss the hajr aswad.. people were fighting over queues. we gave up in the end, so near yet so far. but looking at the rush, i cried, will it be the same for these people to do what is sunnah? wouldn't they mind killing themselves just so they can do something to earn allah's blessing and with very very high margin? like solat alone with 1 pahala and berjemaah with 27 pahala? i hope the owner did arrange for solat subuh jemaah to those yang were there as early as four in the morning.

pp/s: i remembered boxing day. but there were never rush. the people stayed overnight, and once Gap open its door, please queue and waited. 

oooo bangsaku..
yang berakal berilmu, tolonglah ajar diri kita, supaya yang lain boleh diajar sekali.
tolong lah!    

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