Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book review: I am muslim by Dina Zaman

Saw this book in Kinokuniya.. Dina Zaman? I know this writer. I've read her column in the local newspaper and knowing she is quite 'liberal', I'm surprised that she published a book with such title....

Well, I was sceptical when I first saw this. I didn't intend to waste my cash on it. But, i was intrigued. I turned the page and was shaking my head and eyes wide opened, unbelievable. I must say, the title of the book is very deceiving. Generalization on how a malaysian muslim acts and our way of life from this book would surely be deceiving especially to the non-muslim.  The title was not supposed to be "I am muslim" but it should be "I am a 'liberal' malay muslim".... and that says it all. 

As much as I wanted to 'kill' Dina Zaman in her writings as I was thinking like a 'real' muslim, sadly, she spoke the truth about the majority of the 'liberal malay' muslim, And sadly, most of her description were like 'been there done that' to me and yes, i could not deny her. 

I was filled with mixed emotion reading the book. Was she for real? Was she exaggerating? Some points can be taken as beneficial, and some are doubtful. But all in all, I would say it's a 'fresh' reading and for a person like me, i would say it's an eye-opening to me to make sure I don't get confuse with culture and religions and know the line. 

To the writer, I pray you well and moga diberi hidayah berterusan dan kuat-sekuatnya, You can be a good pendakwah if you want to.

And to my malays people, please never get confused yang mana adat, yang mana firman allah, yang mana hadis dan sunnah. Please learn! Please read the Quran! Please please please!

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