Monday, August 28, 2017

2 minggu lagi

my dear Aidan,

I knew it's been hard for the past these few weeks... i've stretched you out to your max, and you still surviving and allow me to do so..
what an obedience soleh son you've always been, and you will be..ameen.
at times me joting this, i've just completed list of kata kerja for your BM UPSR preparation... it's less than two weeks and i'm all panicked and nervous.
and there you were, following every instructions that i asked you - kalau study, studylah awak, kalau makan, makan lah awak, kalau rest, rest lah awak...
for whatever, please know, i have some guilt feelings for being such a nazi mom at these moments.

you have always been one smart boy. and BM is a struggle.
trust me dear, when i was 12, i didn't even know the different between mengintip and menghendap when i was fact, i am 40 and i just confirmed my understanding on those words so that i can explain to you.
fact is, it's not just your struggle.

sayang mama Aidan, you are worried and i know. there were sleepness nights that you went through and it wasn't easy. you told me, you couldn't sleep. you told me you can't promise the straight 6As. i shut you off.. i told you i believe you could - coz i'm your mama and i will always believe.

sayang, you will get that A and ace. please know, your effort has scored you big time. and that my dear, is all the As you have secured!

and dear mr minister MOE,

what were you thinking with all this KBATs and HOTs? these innocent children are only 12? they started to learn and read when they are 6. no body, even you, speak the KBAT language. and how would you expect them to catch up in less than 5 years? and how could you be so sane to think that every single child is lucky and brainy enough to conquer all the KBATs topics you people are suggesting?

end up,
you make a child hate learning.
you make a child disobeying their parents.
you make a child hate the parents.
you make a child clueless for not knowing the purpose of them need to know the word iram-iram
you make a chile no sense

why did you decide to ruin these beautiful naive anugerah?

mama is ranting.
that's the best, for now.

my dear children,
let's have faith...
usaha, doa, tawakal.

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