Friday, January 5, 2018


people values life differently
i value my life differently.
some may think
for whatever, i must keep reminding myself, we can never judge anyone.
when we ourselves don't like to be judged.

sometimes, we thought we know a person very well.
perhaps for more than ten years, or to some it could extend to the day we were born or that person was born.
but in times, people change.
or let me rephrase...
people may not change, but the values in their lives might.

someone might value a relationship so highly,
but some may just put a number in a relationship - for those who can only afford it could be in the ring.

someone might value safety differently.
earlier this morning, we saw a dad on his motorbike with two small toddlers on their way to the kindi.
the dad was well equipped with safety helmet, thick jacket and so.
while his kids were 'exposed' with no safety helmets on, just the thin kindi uniforms and one of them was not even wearing any shoes / slippers or socks.
we saw the dad was speeding at one corner, and the small bodies behind him were all left and right.
i wish i could stop him and tell him he was wrong... he was endangering his own flesh and blood.
but i guess, perhaps to him, safety is not the priority.

someone might value their careers lightly, when some took it seriously.
someone might value health lowly than spending on food they like.

someone might value adab and respect not based on facts and truthness...
the adab and respect would only be gain depending on who they are paying to.
if it somebody they hate, no matter how right that somebody is, the view would always be negative.

i used to wonder how could a daughter ignored her ailing mom back home
i used to wonder how could a sister decided not to say a word to her brother
i used to wonder how could a friend of twenty years decided to badmouth someone he used to call friend
i used to wonder how could anyone throw a 'genuine' smile for 13 years and told the person 'i hate you for the last 10 years and has been suffering since then'
i used to wonder how could you claimed your love and respect when you don't bother to tell a person the truth if you think the person need to be told and 'need help'
i used to wonder how long a person would want to take 'i am the victim' role?

but i guess, i do not have to wonder..

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