Monday, June 25, 2018

How to: 'The Travellers' Bouquet

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Few nights ago, masa berkumpul kat rumah abah, my cousin bought a chocolate bouquet of a dozen i-dont-know-the-brand-choc for his new girlfriend.. orang tengah nak mengayat, kasik chance la kan. 

But what was surprising, those chocolates, which could easily bought from Giant or Tesco and might cost less than RM10, plus the deco and wrappers and a teddy cost him RM100!

Am I shocked or am I shocked?

Lagi ter-inspire mama nak bukak kedai gift, tapi nak jual murah-murah. 

So, let's see if this would work. The bouquet below could be as cheap as RM35 onwards... a dozen  chocolate Kit-Kat, M&M and Snickers/Mars.Siap ada bunga and teddy bear comel lagi... 

RM100? for real?
How to: 'The Travellers' Bouquet

Why do I name this 'The Travellers'? Because tourist goes for sight-seeing and traveller go for adventure. And in this bouquet, there's more to experience and discover, truly from the giver to the receiver. It's spread curiosity! 

1. An A4 EVA foam paper, cut into 6 squares
2. Use double-sided tape, tape it on two sides/corners
3. Fold it (as in the picture)
4. Attach it with a stick, use floral tape.

5. Combine those foam petals.
6. I pick to combine the petals in 6. We can also opt for combination in 2 or 3. 
7. The combined petals, the miniature foam bear and I picked hydrangea for this deco. 
8. Combined them, use floral tape. 

9. The chocolates - 6x2-finger KitKat, 2xSnickers, 4xM&M
10. Glue them on each foam petals using hot-glue.
11. Prepare to wrap them.
12. Voila!
And it's not expensive!
Of course, you can add more than a dozen choc if you want to.

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