Thursday, November 12, 2009

..and so, I said hello..

I love talking, almost about everything..and of course, as a passionate mum, a loyal wife, a good gossip girlfriend, a so-so sister, a 'crazy' cousin, a dotting daughter and as an employee... I have so many things to talk about...

I love writing.. I was supposed to be a professor bahasa when I grew up... It didn't turn up as I wish.

I've been a great follower of Red Scoot blog.. and the fact that she's in my BFF list may more or less contributes to that loyalty .. but, when in future, and as we are still reading this first post of mine, I shall thank her for the inspiration. She got more excited than I am when I told her I'm starting my own blog.. The "Classy Chatty Chic" got her blessing...

So, How do I start, Where do I begin, What should I ramble about, Who should read this blog of mine.. we'll just see..

.. as for now, I am saying Hello to the world.. (ok, perhaps a bit too ambitious.. should dedicate this just to my circle of friends instead addressing it to the world..)

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