Friday, June 17, 2011

the 35th anniversary

i really need to blog about something.. apparently, there's so many things i would want to write, as a reminder to myself..but i've been deely-delaying em.. procrastinating is no stranger to me. be it blogging, doing house chores, going somewhere fun, working, and doing anything except lying down on the sofa, stretching my body to max... i don't even bother what was on the tv.. i just want to lie... a five minutes nap every minute is all i want!

anyway, as it is friday, and work as usual, not as hectic as it used to be (somehow, i', still wondering if i am currently overpaid and underwork, or my previous company had took advantage over me by employing me and i was overworked and underpaid there?).. just nice timing to blog about something and everything..


well, we celebrated our parents 35th anniversaries last June 12th..actually, it was just a whole complete family dinner at the tony roma's (nope, din really enjoyed the food, chillis's better!) on the saturday nite the 11th. it's been a while since our last family outing and dinner, so, time well spent..

my parents - typical 'old' malay couple .. been in the marriage for 35 years, and still complaints about each other, show no mushy-mushy PDA in front of the people.. and i wonder if they love they had still sparks as they once knew. since i knew how to listen, my mum never stop telling me sob stories "abah ko cam ni.. cam tu".. once a while she would just sob out of sudden "mengenang nasib"... once or twice i do sympathize her, mad at my dad.. but as time passes by, i learned to 'ignore' and show no emotion.. mum would think i am daddy's dotter.. i might seems like i am daddy's girl rather than an obidient daughter to my mum. but, then and again, i love them both the same. my dad, he's an 'evil' husband, the husband type that i don't want my hubby to become. he's a lovely dad, but, as a hubby, he might fail miserably, .. at least, that was how i think of him while i was growing up. my earliest memories about him was all about how 'strict' he was to my mum. there was once my mum lost the house key, and she has to beg to me to admit that i lost it. my dad was cool about it, and i was sure if he knew the truth, he would just locked my mum away. my mum never had a driving license because of my dad. she had a driving class, and there was once, he tried to drive my dad two-months-old car and misjudged when she tried to park the car, and there was a small dent and scratches on the door. my mum was so trembled, not because of her driving experience, but because she knew my dad would make a big deal about it..(which he did, and end up my mum never drive till now - padan muka abah, kan dah kene jadi driver mama for the rest of her life). there's so many things that my dad would do if mum screwed things up.. and knowing my mum, she would most of the time screwed things up.. and what she learned best was never married to an army.. he'll be an officer in the camp, and even at home!

despites all the bads, they stick together... celebrating the 35th anniversarries.. with three kids, three kids-in-law, three (plus two) grandkids.. and when he waited for my mum to walk to the car (my mum walked very slow), i knew he loves her. he's very bad in expressing his affectionate, but, i knew he'll suffer more if my mum leave him.. now that they are getting older, i have to face the fact that time is not always with them. i know i can't face it when the time come (even thinking about it killing me), and if mama is to leave us first, i am definitely sure abah, that strong heart-steel retired army colonel can't survive much! he has a funny way to show his love, but, we know he loves her.. and mama knew he loves her as much, their lifetime!

anyway, my dear abah and mama.. if there were no you thirty five years ago, there'll be never be us breathing today. we love you bigger than ever, and we owe you our lives. happy anniversary dearest!xoxoxo

a litle reminder to mr hubby, as i was driving yesterday, my mind roamed to the time when we met and spent time together, the weekend in london, when yeen was around.. we were 'just friend' back then, and we flirted big time. that moment, every single moment, still fresh in my mind. the moment you accidentally brushed your hand over mind, the moment you helped to push me up to that lion on trafalgar square for that picture perfect, the moment you pretended looking elsewhere when all your eyes were locked on me (chewah), the moment we were both were so sad to leave each other at the Euston station as the train was ready to leave... the moment i would treasured and cherished for the rest of my life, and hope you'd think the same too. as time passess by, i know it is almost impossible to create that moment as much as we wish. we were young, wild and free.. and now, we are married, with commitments, and kids. but i'm glad i have that moment with you, and that moment brought us till today. 

let's live with the moment, keep reminding ourselves how crazy in love we once used to be, and forever be. please don't stop hold my hand, hug me, kiss me, whenever wherever.. and please keep on accidentally brushed your hand over mine, and pretend looking elsewhere when you think i didn't see you were staring at me..

please be there for me when i want to wish you "happy fiftieth anniversary my darling"..kalau panjang umur kita, insyaallah.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


the hu-ha on the news portal related to the Obidient Wife Club (OWC) really getting on my nerves.. yup, it's typical of the media mass to brag about all these 'funny' business so that people read what they want to write.. somehow, this particular news has went overboard, to my judgement. until today, i frankly didn't read about it.. i glance through the main tittle, and read thru my friends comments and remarks on the FB.. and frankly, i don't give a damn, even till now, i really have no interest at all to find out.. 

from the headlines, i was made understood that this OWC is promoting mrs wives on how to have tip top great wonderful sex like the 'first class whores'.. and i wonder how would these people knew how would the first class whores services are like?. and the saddest pathetic part is that, the purpose of the OWC is to ensure that mr husbands won't stray and stick to the wifey...and those statements and ideas came from a group of insane ladies!blardyfuckingmadsluts!!!@@~~**!!!@"!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i'm sure they don't mind me calling them slut, as i'm sure that is their ulterior motive)

i guess enough is enough... we, much much classy ladies don't need such movement! it's an insult to womankind..

no matter what, no matter how, no matter when, no matter who, no matter where..when men choose to stray, they will! and they are well 'equipped'......
if they got caught, they would apologize profusely, they would remosely cry or even pretend to die to tell them how sorry they were...or even worst, they would admit that "they could afford to stray".... 
we, ladies, even without being the member of this OWC, we knew ourselves best than to stray. yup, of course they're a few who deviate from being obidient wife and commit adultery, but i guess, without facts and figures, no doubt that women are unlikely to cheat as compared to mr husbands!
at the end of the day, we, fear of being a divorcee, sympathizing the kids, being too financially independent not only permits our husband to cheat, but even make attempts to degrade ourselves to be a least, the first class whores got to get first-class treatment with fine dining, have sex on the five stars hotel's bed and received handsome payment after their services - some, if they were lucky they got to own that TODs tote they've been eyeing for....

how i wish i could scream and yell at these OWC people to stop thinking they are doing a noble thing for trying hard to please their men...

org cakap "tak payah berangan isteri sebaik aisyah kalau perangai tak semulia nabi"