Sunday, May 19, 2019

A note to drop by

Well, same mistake again - not posting things!
As usual, same reason again - I was occupied..
plus my writing freelancing has started kicking in, alhamdulillah.

It was beautiful that it started with just a casual neighbour request to do some copywriting, then I landed on transcription job, next the translation and speech writing and the big one (i thought, at the time) was writing product review listicles for

I just signed a freelance writing contract with and that is definitely something that i've unexpectedly thought I wont'get it. It took quite a while for the chief editor to contact me , all in all Alhamdulillah.


Enough about me, I wanted to write about the kids.
Aidan - he had it tough for the past few weeks. It was horrible when we heard the news that he was called for the Jemaah Disiplin Maktab JDM session for bullying in a group.

Well, I'm not sharing the details here, now.

Apparently, he the ruling was dubious and we are fighting for the case. He has got the higher board (Jemaah Disiplin dan Rajuan Maktab JDRM) and we are yet to find out about the decision. For now, I'll keep the suspense but I knew I would should share my story about it once I got the official decision made.

I read somewhere, the bullies are usually those who were being bullied.
Is it true?

I wanted to agree with the facts.

But somehow, I strongly belief, when we sow the the right seed with strong faith, Insyaallah, the root would be strong enough to withstand all the sickness surrounding.

and so, that's what we believe.


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