Monday, January 31, 2011

it is positive

the two auditors passed by. they've been passing by for the past one week, but never did the nose caught them that strong.. but today, as they passed by, north and south, she just couldn't stand it - the smell.. the cigarattes' smell. the smell were so strong, and she just couldn't take it. she rushed to the ladies, just to vomit, for she just couldn't stand the smell. few minutes later, her sister called her, telling that she's on sick leave. she shared with her the good news. she's expecting. after the traumatic ectopic preganancy she's gone thru a year ago, she is now positively on week five. long way to go. and of course both the sisters are happy with the news. before going off to lunch, she went to the loo, again, to vomit. her head was thumping. her vision blurred. she's just not feeling well. after the good lunch with her bff, she decided to go to the pharmacy. she was two days late. with the vomitting and strong smell sense, she thought she might be positive for hpt. but then again, she come to her senses. she missed her breakfast, and might cause the headache and vomitting earlier. and so, off to her workstation. as it was time to go back, she decided to go to the pharmacy before heading to the carpark. she bought the package. the cheapest one. as she reached home, toilet was her destination. the instruction states to wait for five minutes, but she doesn't have to wait that long. there were two pink bands appeared on the result window, and she knew she was right.

of course she's happy. she wanted another addition in the family, her youngest child (for the time being) is big enough to call himself 'abang'. and of course, deep inside, if she could hope and pray hard enough, a baby girl would do perfect in the family picture. but then again, if it meant to be another boy, she knew she wouldn't mind..

be it a boy or a girl, one thing for sure, she'll be suffering through out the trimesters. not the first three months, not only in the morning. she had it once, and twice.. never learned from her lessons, huh?

her nose would be super-duper sensitive sensoring bad or good smell.. everything is too strong. her hubby's would even need to make sure to take his shower before he goes to bed, or she would just tell him off " your smell is so strong".. be it the cigaratte smell, the perfumes, the deodarants, the fresherners, the food, the sauted garlic, the medicine, the everything... she just couldn't stand it... she would claims it too strong, though, to other 'normal' human being she might be exagerating.
her tounge would run-out of salivas. she just want to wash away her mouth with everything. but she knew she couldn't take anything strong. the spicy food would be too strong for the throat (when she threw out). the plain soup would be tasteless and all she needs a decent food to fill her tummy. the everything taste incomplete and she just need something to satisfy her bud taste, but couldn't (and doubt that she would figure out to) satisfy her taste sense.
her head would keep on thumping, as if the disco beat never stopped playing. this is why, all she wanted to do all day is to lie down on that bed. and once a while, off to the toilet to throw out. she wanted to do that for the rest of forty weeks!

good luck dear you...

Friday, January 28, 2011


part of my normal every morning routine would be to check out the FB - and i stumbled upon reading the comment below:

 if the picture is not clear enough, what made me stumbled was the comment... here's the story: this was on the wall of my resident comunity FB page. one of the resident was thanking everybody for spending time coming to her kenduri doa selamat. another resident replied, thanking this particular resident, the hostess, for inviting. and the hostess reply stunned me "........happy sgt tgk ramai yg dtg. mlm smlm x pegi ke rumah jiran kat jln .. ke. die pun ada buat hse warming gak, warming aje. bukan doa slmt.."

what the heck???? she (the hostess) was invited to a house warming, and can simply wrote on the community wall, it was just a house warming, not those religous doa selamat kenduri. 

the person who invited her to the house warming might have regretted inviting the hostess to death! i know i would. yes, islam do encourage us to do kenduri doa selamat, some-sort like religious way of house warming, but that would take some preparation. for once, we might want to arrange for the imam to recite the doa, and being in a new community, this might need proper planning and arrangement. house warming, on the other hand, would be more casual, serving simple food, just an introductory session to get-to-know your neighbours. 

and this blardy hostess could have a sense, oppss.. no sense at all by putting that remats on the public wall. stupid! stupid!stupid!

i am not sooo looking forward to stay in that house. but, with that nice lamps that we've bought, that nice glitter curtains i've paid the deposit, that great simple kitchen i'm looking forward to see the end result, that house would be our home. hmm...

i came to the house last week, just to look around on things, and our backdoor neigbour said hi, and simply asked my hubby "are you renting the house?"... so, we don't look like the owner? but if we were to rent, who would bother renting a house who was not in a condition of living, i.e. no lights, no kitchen etc.. the question he threw to us was rude, at least that's how i feel! blardy arrogant neighbours!

anyway, i don't think i would be inviting anybody in that neighbourhood to either my house warming or kenduri, if there'll be any! imagine me bringing the house down with my divas friends around..... cool... so cool... gear up girls! 

Unlocking the Interlok

i just stumbled upon hearing the news on how our politicians have discussed and decided on the whole issues. silly old mew!

i'm a no fan of deep literature readings, especially my mother-tounge's. i enjoy reading, but not much of those written by A Samad Said, Usman Awang or even Abdullah Hussain who turned famous over his Interlok book.
the government has decided that the piece of literature of Abdullah Hussain to remain as part of the syllabus for the Form 5.. however, they'll be amendment to remove the word "Pariah" that supposedly an insult to the indians!

i did not really follow and care much about the current issues back here. somehow, our politicians are very good in politicking every single issues!

i read Oliver Twist for English Lit when I was in Form 1. if I were an orphan, i would strongly fight for my fellow orphanage for allowing Oliver Twist to be read at school for students as early as thirteen years old. not all orphanage are bad and poor.

Ok, that maybe a bad example!

but what i'm trying to say; politicians, hands-off the literature la. And what make it even stupidier (if there's such word), how could they even authorized to decide to change (or amend as they claimed) what's in that piece of art? that is way off the limit. if they think the art is a piece of threat, might as well removed it rather than amend it. this is all so silly, and kudos to malaysian politicians for proving how stupid a leader can be! agreeing to amend even a single letter in that piece of literature shows the dumb a moron can be!

again, i'm no writer, apatah lagi a karyawan.. but, as i blog, and when somebody tried to argue about my writing, i know, for sure, i can write whatever i want to write, however i want it to be. nobody can give a damn instruction to say i'm in no position in voicing my mind out loud. and if you just couldn't understand what i was writing, don't ask me to help if you are illiterate! literature is meant to be intepret by oneself, just stop overanalysing!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Famosa Resort, Melaka - A Fallacious Marketting

Should anyone decided to make a trip to the 'famous' A Famosa Resort, Melaka - DON'T BOTHER!!!! They cheat!

At least, that's how i felt, and at times of writing this, even after more than 48 hours, i'm still pissed off!

The picture enclosed was from the official A Famosa Resort Melaka site (, specifically stated, if I need to quote and re-quote "The Condotel has its own swimming pool"... what they didn't tell you is that - the pool is located a drive away, yup, if you were to walk, you would sweat on to and fro the pool, and it is a shared pool as that pool is owned by a different condo, the public owners and even few units were rented to students. If i opted not to use that pool, i need to go to the paid waterpark, and required to pay full charges for the whole family. and to my surprise as i asked "i was told in the net that there'll be pool in the condo", i was given an answer by the boy in-charge "our pool is under renovation". as i've started to increase my volume and asked why didn't anyone informed me about this, and to add salt to the wound, there were a smartly dressed lady, in full suit, gave me her silly piece of mind "we don't know what's the arrangement between you and kl office".. and that was it! i exloded. especially when this rude biatch was the manager in-charge. i asked for her business card, and she shoved me the standard a famosa resort card, with no name. i asked her to write her name, and she just wrote "nabeeha".. and what i can rudely conclude was she might be an illegitimate kid and don't have a family name.. of course, i asked for her family name, which she reluctantly wrote "ismail". for a resort who proudly claimed so many awards, as stated in their site, having a manager like her is really a shame! 

that's the pool story - next come the other story - i asked that blardy biatch about the theme park packages, and she gave me this piece of paper with price list, and showed me the weekend rate.. which they claimed the 'shoulder rate'. what i don't understand, it was freaky friday, and i was in could it be weekend on friday? she answered me "it is for us"... stupid! idiot! stupid! as i scrutinized and asked if there's any published documentation stating friday is weekend for the resort, as expected, she failed to do so. 

i was so pissed off to argue, and off to the safari park. 

as i wanted to pay for the ticket, and planning to buy the ticket for the safari and cowboy town, i was trashed with another silly statement.. the girl behind the counter proposed to me just buy the ticket for the safari, as she said that if i were to buy the cowboy town ticket, and and should there'll be heavy rain at night, there'll be no show and no refund of the money, and the ticket only valid for one day!!!!!! imagine a tourist from europe who googled about malaysian weather and expected raining season throughout the year heard that! how would i know what was the weather like, and how could there be no refund? and if i were to buy the ticket separately, i would estimately waste 20% of my money.... 

even i wasn't sincere, we've decided to buy the package and pray the weather was on our side. 

the first few hours in a famosa, i knew it won't be fun. of course, we went to the wild wild west show, multianimal show, elephant show and bird show. it was ok. my boys enjoyed it. 

but in the safari park, it was five to five and its closes at five. we decided to try our luck and queue for the safari ride. the first bus were nearly full, and if we were to squeeze, we couldm but that would mean we will need to sit separately and not in a row of seat as a family. there were also another three family, which justify for another bus, but would be half full. the first bus left us, and the next bus came. but before that, the grumpy old chinese driver was heard grunting and commenting to the keeper that all of us could fit into the bus earlier. as his remarks being ignored, he still drove us. but, with the sand and everything, entering the safari area, he drove fast, and could even catch up with the earlier bus halfway. blardy bugger.. how could we enjoy what we should have?

back from safari, i went to the counter, to get my key to the condo room. of course that rude biatch manager was there, and was whispering to one of the boy.. very professional of her (and i am beign sacarstic). and to add to my dismay, the girl who was supposed to gave me the key to my room gave me a surprised remark by telling me "your room is not in this tower, it's at tower two". and i just couldn't take it anymore. i knew i was rude when i screamed to that girl "i don't work and live here, and how could i know which tower is my room. could anyone bother to show us where we were supposed to live?"... and the bellboy took the key card, and still, left my bag at the lobby, expecting me to carry it! the manager who managed has really managed her people well! i was just losing my patience and everything seems wrong. 

ok, the room was luxury. for rm388 (and even i paid for rm300 as discounted by my bff at her own expense), it still couldn't make up for the 'pool under renovation'  and that sial manager.. i just can't stop swearing to her, and am totally sorry for my language.

then, off we go for the cowboy town park. good that it wasn't ready. but, i was surprised that the cover charges we've paid were only for that parade while all other rides that the could would want to play on were on separate tab! and dinner was on us and the steakhouse suck big time, with not much choices, and overpriced and tasteless food. the parade was ok, but that never could make up to my frustration.

i couldn't express so much dismay in this write. whenever i think of it, i can only conclude, i would never come to this place, ever, again, at my own expenses.. even if it was at no charge, it would still cost me my energy and my bad experiences... it is a total waste.

there's so much things that can be improved.. talking about melaka being a negeri maju.. yarrr rriigghhtttt...

i even now doubt to go to all these places if it is in malaysia. all they could think of is how to make money out of every single thing, without strategically thinking of returning customers and marketing-through-words of-mouth!

if my friend would ask me should they bring their family for a weekend breakaway there, i would definitely against it. sunway lagoon would be sufficient enough! and, o, another thing, the a famosa is promoting that you need to stay over to enjoy everything...but as the parade show will normally end by 10pm, i think you could just shoot off back to kl after that.. and won't cause you lots of pain dealing with arrogant manager.... agghhhh.. i hate her guts, as much as she hated mine!

oo.. and guess what, i attempted to write a comment in a famosa resort fanpage in the FB.. to realized that my access has been blocked! why can't they just explain to me politely that i was wrong?... if i really was la..

so, next, am writing to their customer service, and we'll see if i would get any respond from there!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sizzling hot

being spoilt is never a good thing.

woke up this morning, to find out the heater was out of service, and the only option was that cold water to add in the cold wednesday morning. puurrfect! how i wish i can opted to just brushed my teeth and washed my face and off to work. but then again, i would feel very uncomfortable not to stop wondering if i stink and the person next to me could simply knew the bad smell was me! .. hence, with a very strong courage, i took my bath, in that freezing minus zero degree cold water.. (ok, am exaggerating!).. it was cold, damn cold.. i was shivering, literally.. and i was reminded, it's been a while since i had a good cold shower in the morning, early morning.

i spent most of my time growing up at my gramp's. they were not rich, they were poor, very, i would say. both my parents were not rich neither. though i grew up in the city, i still live like everybody in the kampung (i guess). i woke up as early as 5:30 in the morning. should we woke up late, nenek would be screaming at the top of her lung. we would take our quick fifteen minutes bath, in that cold freezing minus twenty degree water (another exaggeration!), performed our prayers, and off to either school or the morning quran classess.. after school, we would take our bath again, and in the evening another bath to complete the day. of course, during fasting month would be more for me..  once a while, when my dad was assigned for the outstation job, we would tag along, and those were the times we could enjoyed the hot water in the tub.. it was always a pleasure.

only when i was studying in that freezing cold llantwit major (and i was not exaggerating this time), i could hardly pick the blue tap. the cold tap water was insignificance. and being spoilt for five years, i keep complaining when i came back for holidays and had to take my bath in that cold water shower. of course, my dad did not entertain me on that request, though most of the time i would consider i'm the spoilt one among my siblings!

then, i got married. i considered myself lucky as my hubby was so used to hot water, that his family home has water heater installed in all three bathrooms in their house. talking about spoilt, huh!

when we moved into our house in bukit kuang, water heater top the list. 

when i was under confinement with aimar, i bought the water heater in my dad's. 

and today, i was shiverring cooolllldddddd.... as if i never ever 'touched' cold water before. 

and as for our new house, we've agreed to at least installed two water heater, for us and for the boys/guests.

i called up to check on the boys this morning. my husband told me that the water heater is up and running.. but as i'm reflecting this, i wonder, my boys would definitely miss those time in their life, enjoying that cold water shower from that big kolah where the coldness could crept in up to the bones! that would be a luxury to them should they could experience that! hmmm... kesian la pulak..kan..


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nosy neighbours

as we couldn't secure the corner lot unit nor the end lot unit of the new house that we are moving in, i told my hubby to pick the row that are less malays.. but of course, just to found out, most units that are most chinese were up for sale by the agents! gosh, padan muka.

anyway, i don't have anything against malay. i'm sure, be it malay, chinese or indians, the issue would be the same. but, with different culture and belief, we have more excuse not to socialize.. at least, that's how i stand.

i'm comfortable not to have friends around. call me stuck-up and snobbish, but, i'm not so into making new friends and getting closer than i wish i could with my neighbours. we haven't officially stayed in our new house. just managed to complete the house grills. the plan is to move in the next two and half months time. last weekend, as my hubby was loading the lights to the storeroom under the stairs, and while i was up stairs, measuring the windows for the curtains, i heard my hubby was talking to somebody. as i came down, i saw him with three kids - a 10,8 & 6-year old kids. they were 'interrogating' him, asking for details of when are we going to move in and so forth. i would just say 'fuck off'.. gosh, my hubby, in his best, been telling me that the kids must have come to him thoughts, and am definitely sure, keep telling me, their nosy mum send them off.. c'mon, please send all four of your kids and ask what i'm wearing, what's cooking and whatever la..

i just don't understand - if she really wanted to find out the details, she could just come by. she's just nice door, and she could have just say hello. i know i could do that, but fact is, i don't feel like making any friend, not at that time. and what happen was pure rude.

i have nothing against her being a good muslimah, with all the tudung and everything.. but, she sure doesn't know to remind her kids not to be nosy..

suddenly, i was reminded of my neighbours back in kemaman. i was snobbish, arrogant city girl. i dare to be me, though i knew, these neighbours of mine were all i have when my hubby went offshore and my parents
were miles away. (i knew i can't depend to that particular 'beras' of mine). being in kemaman, hot and hot, i prefer to lock myself up in the house, with my sleeveless and shorts and the air-cond on. i should definitely be those to be in the neighbourhood boycott's list. somehow, my neighbours were great people. they still invited me for any event. they still smiled and talked to me whenever. their kids get along well with my kids. and they didn't ask things that they think they don't have to ask. they were definitely not the kinf of people that i think they would be... and i hope, these new neighbours of mine would turn up the same.. just don't bother things that i don't want to share with them... and don't send their kids to spy on me!..

but if they don't, i always have my loud families and my good bffs to make enough noise to shut them off!

tron legacy

it was a great fun night out.. i wished we could have done that on weekly basis, but i guess that was a bit too ambitious of me.
it was friday's night, and i was home early. we were supposed to have a post-birthday dinner for my mum, but somehow deferred (indefinitely) due to her toe's condition. so, we were proposing movie night out. we've showed both the narnia and tron trailers to the boys, thanks to youtube. aidan decided to pick tron, and aimar wanted to see the lion in narnia.

as we've decided just to settled for wangsa walk, and considering both narnia and tron would not be the movie i would pick, we managed to convince aimar to join us for tron. the cinema there was superb. i love the seats, spacious and comfy.

aimar told us that he would want to have a seat by himself. normally, he would just sit on my lap.. he sat next to me, while both my and hubby were in between the boys. aimar put both his arms on the armrest, trying to make himself comfortable, while both me and hubby were enjoying looking at how he looked like a robot as the armrest was way too far for him. aidan was enjoying every seconds of the movie. he was so soaked into it, and just couldn't stop talking when he was amazed with things. it was a great view to see both of them, enjoying the things they enjoyed, without fightings!

half way through, aimar decided to sit on our lap as it was getting colder in the cinema. he sat on hubby's lap, and i myself squeezed myself towards him.. it was cold! and it was fun too.. i did that when we went out dating, and it seems like ages ago. my hubby was having fun too. three important person in his life were all literally clingy on him, and he really cherished the moment. as the movie ended, he was holding both aimar's and my hand. another moment that he pointed, he used to hold my hands, and now he's guiding the boys and me.. 

how time changes. 

but talking about quality time, we all had that night! there would definitely be a repeat for many more movie nights...

oo.. and the movie was ok, but the time spent was grreaattt... and aimar actually 'watched' the movie when he pointed out "kan girl tu keluar sama ngan boy tu".. meant - he watched the movie!

Friday, January 14, 2011

so, what?

i've just finished reading my favourite columnist column in TheStar and suddenly felt like blogging, despite of my hectic work schedule (yarr right). she was writing about how rude the US immigration officer was to her, and she ended the column by telling "how good to be home".. and she meant KL, as she was greeted by this nice M'sian immigration chap. she's a Brit, by the way. so, i'm not sure if she would get the same smile if she was a malay Malaysian, greeted by a lady officer..

talking about rude, i frankly might have some issue. some people love to take advantage when we are struggling not to be rude. i've completed one paper yesterday, assisting other department... and the manager have asked me to do another task, which i wish my manager would say no on my behalf, but end up, she said it's all up to me.. and i wish i could be rude and say no to the other manager, but, on my current situation being an 'efficient' newbies, i don't see much option for me to be rude.

being a person who has been trained to speak her mind out, i normally chose to speak my mind out loud. and i guess, that would be the main reason i have not many bffs, and i am ok with that. my bffs speak their mind out, telling us facts and figures, and i don't find it rude. but somehow, these habits of ours were perceived as being rude.. c'mon.. of course we don't give a damn, but somehow, people will still care.. you people! that is rude, you know!

yesterday, i've made mistake, a big one.. my hubby yelled at me, and i think it was rude, very rude. somehow, he said sorry, and i still gave him the cold treatment.. and only to realized, it was me at fault as i started it, and i shouldn't
argued about him being rude when i was rude to him too.. gosh, relationship!.. and i am sorry!

to think of it, it is difficult not to be rude. we may think what we've done is acceptable while people saw it as us being rude. should there be no good hearts being hurt, we might want to think before we act what was directed by that brain of ours.

and of course, not giving me that jubah is rude too... hahahahaha.. i must mentioned this, must i?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

fair share

she's too weak she could hardly eat. nope, she's not shorts of money, he's having an affair
p/s: she's not me, la kan..

i don't understand why men decided to get married, when if in the end they've forgotten their very own wedding vows. as an islam, muslim men tend to take advantage on the previlege of poligamy bestowed upon them. i am in no position to argue or explain about poligamy, as i may said and interpreted things differently. but for sure, as a muslimah, i knew well that if you can't be fair, you can't share your love. men said they can be fair, and i'd say "BULLSHITS!!"...

i am married to a man. looking at my struggling aunties and friends, the single mums, i know i should be greatful to have met and married to that husband of mine. nope, he ain't a noble person, but for now, insyaallah, should both if us knew our responsibilities to each other, never to hurt each other, i know i'll be fine. but on the other hand, i knew those struggling aunties and friends of mine are much better off being single mums rather than sticking by their rat-men. last week, there were another pang to our family. my aunt fainted and her elder son picked her up at the office. and his son called me and told me that his dad is having an affair and mama just couldn't eat neither sleep and don't want to tell anybody, even the hubby. this uncle of mine, much to my embarassment, is no rich neither good looking. his wife is so obidient, and even hide hideous stories about her kids' behaviours from him, just so to avoid family conflict, which always end up we threatening his wife to tell him the truth. his wife work her ass off and sometimes even borrow money from her siblings, despite of the cold remarks from her siblings, just because she need to make sure there's things to be served on the table. his wife maintains her figure, and for a mid-forty lady with four kids, i must say, she still can impressed other guys. his wife is my auntie.the affair - a four-year-old senior from his elder son! four-fucking-years!..twenty years different with him.. staying up north.. and that's all we can figure out for the time being. 
what we knew, this blardy husband can simply text his not-wife-girlfriend that she needs to be in kl, and he'll figure out the expenses.

and excuse my French - what the bloody fucking hell! you can't even give proper food to your wife and kids, and you are giving assurance to that girl who could even be your own daughter! i may want to wish, one day, a guy with four kids will sweep away your daugther's feet and she'll just abandon her family for that guy!.. but then again, that daughter of yours would be my cousin, and so, if you may not be there for that, i know, we, the cousins, will be there to 'kill' her first before she could imagine doing that!

and guys, what is wrong with you people? just because you got that oversea assignment for two weeks, suddenly you are a millionaire who can afford four wives? just because you think you can still perform in bed, suddenly you are Don Juan De Marco? just because your wife didn't ask for that and this and didn't complaint how bad a husband you've been, suddenly you think you are the husband of lifetime? and you will just jump into "Islam allows men to marry up to four" and forgetting the portion thereafter that "you have to be fair - not a second less, not a dime more"...

am too angry to conclude!


Friday, January 7, 2011

finally there

and so they said "age is just a number"

gosh, with the new year, i just realized that another year added to my age. i was thirty three, and this coming October will officially be thirty four. i realized that.. all this while.. but writing it down, posting this blog, i feel ancient.

a colleague from a different department drop by my cubicle. been working together with him on this one particular paper for the past month. all this while, it was me droping by his cubicle to discuss on things. so, to receive a surprised visit from him without notice was a surprised. apparently, he went to the 52nd floor as he need to submit some papers to another colleague of mine.. and mind you, that paper is less value than mine, if we were to compare. and as i asked him sacarstically, he answered me short and simple, " she's not married, so higher priority".. and fyi, this guy just got married less than a year! after few meetings and discussions, we are comfortable to be sharing these 'hostile' remarks, vice versa. 

then again, this same person told me, "somebody been checking you out, and i shoot them off by telling your hubby's working in brazil".. i told him that he should tell people i'm a mother of two. and frankly, i'm ok with that.. as a mother of two, i still look good and gorgeous in my own way. and he replied "the guys would be more interested in knowing their competitor rather than your extra baggage!".. so, i take that as a compliment.

so, as we aged, we are less attractive, huh? well, when a lady needs to mentioned her age, i guess that would be the first thing thah popped into everyone mind.

but of course, there's nothing wrong with growing older.. we become more mature, full of experience, and more wiser, no doubt. in a blink of his eye, we knew he tried to hide things from you. and we don't mind confronted him, intelligently. in a gasp of her breath, we knew she hesitated to tell the whole truth. and we have this sixth sense to smell her every single move. 

there were remarks calling me 'hot mama'.. this is when they want to get advise from me. how did i maintain my figure, how did i struggle with the boys. how did i manage to stay cocky with style. so, all these come with experience. those 'youngsters' look up to me, to share my experience.

of course i look up to people who is older than me. in particular, my bff.. i called her kak, a token of respect, but i keep forgetting that she is like few years senior than i am. i always thought she's the same age of me. and she has a younger heart than i do, believe me, she does! and she's always there, willingly to share with us anything we want to know.. up to the stage "how do we cut onion?"... i googled to her before i gooled to google on things i need to know. 

therefore, after writing this post, though i'm reaching mid thirties and sound like a sixty year old grandma.. i know i can just be like the wine.. the older it gets, the better its value.

so, am all prepared to age with style... of course, i'm into those anti-aging, lifting moisturizer.. anyone? 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the gift

time is not to be given, time to be shared

thanks to Carol, i finally finished reading both books that she gave me for Christmas. i like both book, not really soaked into it, but, easy reading always great right after we finished the whole book.

one of the two is the gift by cecelia ahern. i might share the same opinion with my fav blogger, red scoot, on this book. it's a so-so book, not the chic-lit book that would glue me to it 24-7. cecelia is not really in my favourite. which reminds me, up until today, i still haven't finished reading the novel-turn-movie p.s. i love you.. the movie was too good to be spoiled with such a boring dragging torturous novel!

back to the gift, i must admit that it's true when she said time is not to be given, but to be shared. we often heard and used the statement "ok, give me five minutes".. fact is, we share that five minutes, the giver and the taker.

as i'm writing this, my dear hubby is on his way back home. gosh, it's been a while, without realizing. and at least, that what most of people would say.. "eh, it's been a month dah? sekejap nye.".. me, on the other hand, is planning for the next twenty five days to ensure that it would be fulfilled as wise possibly, no wastage on the limited time given for us to be shared until the time when he'll be flying off back to work :(

without realizing, another month and another year, and that's it..

so, God have granted us 365 days a year,12 months a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 60 seconds an hour.. until last october, i've lived up to 17bill seconds of my life. how bizzare would it sound when we keep complaining that time was never on our side?

Lou, the main character in the book, was lucky to be given chances to say goodbye to his loved ones, despite his horrible irresponsible attitude as a hubby, father, brother and son. I doubt that i would be that lucky!

Really need to appreciate what i have in lines!

the writing style is easy, but weird.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

first day

gosh, been stucked in front of the desktop, clicking the buttons and refreshing the screen... after two hours, i'm no way near to doing 'real' work!.. and i shouldn't take the blame. four-days-weekend was way too long for anybody!!

it was the first day of school yesterday. as for aidan, it was his third year..but for aimar, it was his first. he was ecstatic. they both went to the same kindy. as this kindergarten is a franchised, i could cancel the bag, shoe and sock adn even the stationeries from my shopping list. i 'have' to buy what they have for to offer for the kids. hence, the 'mood' of buying new bags, the school shoes and socks were not to be felt by the boys. by right, i shouldn't have to worry about the stationeries too... somehow, my boys didn't care much when i was excitedly asking them what character do they want for their pencil case, which at the end, i settled in chosing kamen rider for them... it's true, having two boys are boring when it come to shopping list! no matter how creative a mother could be, the shopping will always be a boring one.. and expensive too!...

anyhow, yesterday, as i woke up as early as possible, aimar was also awake. i did asked him to go back to sleep, but he refused. he asked if he could get dressed for school, and it was two hours away. must be the adrenalin boost. aidan was still asleep. i got aimar dressed as per his request. and then, aidan... somehow, i wished i could do that every morning. i, deep inside, do miss preparing those boys, getting them ready for the day. since i was back here, i couldn't find time to do so. it would be too early for them if i were to get them ready, and i don't really have the heart to disturbed their sweet sleeps. hence, most of the time, either atuk or aboh will prep them in the morning. i always knew i do miss the intimacy and moment giving them morning bath, forcing them to brush their own teeth, wrap the towel around them, dress them up.. i won't be doing that when they are older, and regretfully now, even when they still need my handy help, i couldn't do that for them. it is a sad fact.

well, i drove them to school, being it the first day. poor hubby of mine is still on his way back, and hence couldn't be there, the first day..but we've already booked his leave for next year as it's gonna be aidan's big year.. the primary..
on the way to school, aimar asked me if i were to bring everybody to his schools' concert, that would normally be at the end of this year.. this kid, he had all planned out - his schoolyears...

aidan was being a good taiko. nope, he didn't intend to stick by his adik, but he was there most of the time. i left them half and hour after the school starts..they seems fine. as i came back to pick them up, aimar was sitting by the stairs, listening to his teacher's order to sit, and i called upon him when he told me "i have to wait for abang"... cute..really cute.. abang got stucked with being the six years old class, and they were the last to come down. i was too excited to ask aimar his first day of school, as i forgot about aidan. somehow, aidan was telling me he was doing fine being the senior. aimar, still in the school mood, and he's looking forward for the school day tomorrow.

i left them undone this morning. with a kiss, sweet tender kiss. i'm gonna miss them while i'm gone. they won't, i'm sure.. but, when the call upon "mama dah balik" with that sweet smiles on their happy faces, i know i will miss them again tomorrow and the day after..

they grow up fast!