Thursday, July 23, 2015

why? why? why?

why must people made it difficult to others?
don't they think before they decided to react such ways???
the low yatt brawl -  it's a not a racial issue. never.
but people made it as a racial issue.
why so? is diplomacy is too difficult to work with?
the attention is so much more if it is a racial issue rather than just a dissatisfied customer who didn't know to deal with his frustration the proper way.

kan islam ajar suruh bermusyawarah... bawaklah berbincang. nak gaduh-gaduh, nak tunjuk siapa hebat, tak bawa ke mana pun...

orang cakap 'kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga'
i read about the converted chinese guy into islam. alhamdullillah.
but it wasn't easy.
he has nobody when his family shut him off. the family can't accept the new him. he is dead, to them.
and that is why we called him a muallaf, saudara baru.
he is supposed be our muslim brother.
we knew we should be helping him, anyhow anywhat.
he is entitled for the zakat.
but the baitulmal is making it difficult for him. asking him here and there and what and how. there's a reason.. allah cakap dah, mereka layak.
the zakat paid is for these people.
those who is eligible.
for those who pretend to be eligible, just let them be. they knew they are sinning. people don't simply want to sin. sometimes, the situation force them. just let them be.
don't make it difficult for anybody who is eligible.
feel ashamed of those managing the zakat fund. they can have nice tall five-star rated building, while there's so many eligible brothers and sisters are struggling trying to afford a living.

kan islam ajar suruh jujur dalam menjalankan amanah... jujurlah seadanya. kenapa perlu banyak menyusahkan, sedangkan kita bermewah megah?

orang cakap ' harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi'
there was an issue. a keyboard warrior was arguing on how unislamic to post those raya pics of husband and wife hugging and tagging each other.

syawal is a celebration. you were supposed to be happy from dawn till dusk. selfies, picture takings and many more and how the pose were shouldn't be an issue. it meant to be shared among close friend.

tak seronok kah orang bahagia? kan islam ajar doakan kebahagiaan saudara seislammu. doa tu, balik semula ke kita. tak perlu lah nak berdengki sangat. awasi sahaja gerak gerimu.

orang cakap 'belum bertaji hendak berkokok'
and so the Diva AA and ChefWan are back in public eye. well, their bold blunt (and forgive me but i must say this) 'ridiculously stupid' characters are well established.

just put a stop. no need to comment, no need to like, no to share.
if its personal, let it be personal.
yes, they published it for the public.
but, why are we so interested to know more about it?
we are asking for it, and these attention-crave human being are willingly giving it.

kan islam ajar adab susila. perihal peribadi, simpan sahajalah untuk sendiri. demi masa, akan reda lama tak lama. tak perlu dikongsi segala cerita. tak perlu diluah segala rasa.

orang cakap 'cakap siang pandang-pandang, cakap malam dengar-dengar'

and so, there's 1MDB.
why must he made it difficult for dragging this for so long and let everyone wonder?
why bother looking for culprits who was the informer and let alone him in silence?

rasanya, dah melampau sangat dosa dia dekat rakyat yang teraniaya, mungkin itu sebab dia membisu..biarkan semua menyumpah seranah berbuat dosa, agar pahala pulang ke dia.

jangan jadi Firaun, lupa diri yang die Tuhan.

yang ni, tak tau apa nak cakap...banyak sangat orang cakap.  
yang sorang tu tak bercakap-cakap!

i wonder, why must they made it difficult?
islam is simple.
that's what is thought.
and yet, we pick to be difficult!

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